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How INFINIT3 works



INFINIT3 was founded to work directly with artists, brands, creators and their existing physical products. Our mission is to bridge opportunities for creators and consumers to participate in digitization of assets in a familiar, natural and organic manner. This way, we create an infinite loop of benefits and experiences for both creators and their consumers.



We pair every physical product with a digital asset so that creators can be rightfully rewarded in the secondary market and in the appreciation of their asset. We guide them through the process to ensure that not only is the smart contract tailored to their product, but the release and after sale customer service are above and beyond expectations.


secure Assets

Following digitization of assets, INFINIT3 is working with leading logistics providers for specific categories to ensure that physical assets are always held in the right climate and temperature. Bonded and secured, consumers can display, show, trade their digital asset knowing that it is backed by the authentic physical good.



In the case consumers want to trade digital assets, they can sell, swap or purchase assets on our marketplace knowing that each item is backed by a physical item in real life. Consumers can take comfort knowing that the physical item is 100% authentic with the physical good never leaving our hands. Not to mention… …trading of digital goods = more environmentally friendly!



Unlike other digital assets, anything on INFINIT3 is backed by a physical good in real life and can be redeemed at any point by the owner of the digital asset. Once redeemed, the digital asset is burned (or removed from circulation) so that it increases scarcity of the digital asset while enabling someone to enjoy the asset in real life. Real world value when you want. Digital scarcity at its best. Consumers will receive a second NFT that can be stored for future digital use upon redemption of the original NFT.

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If you want to learn more about how we work and curate, drop us an e-mail at [email protected]

At INFINIT3, we believe that culture becomes richer when more people have access. It's why we've made it our mission to create a better experience that feels more intuitive, familiar and natural for creators and collectors alike. People create and collect for a host of different reasons, but both actions are ultimately rooted in a desire to engage with culture; to be a part of moments and experiences that define who we are as people.
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